What Are the Services Provided in a Plumbing System?

Plumbing systems come in many shapes and sizes. They include potable and auxiliary water supplies. Aside from these, Candu Plumbing & Rooter / Thousand Oaks plumber also includes piping and leak services. Drainage systems are also part of the plumbing system. There are several types of plumbing systems, and each of them performs different services.

auxiliary water supply

An auxiliary water supply system is an additional source of water in a plumbing system. It can be either an approved or unapproved source. It can be from a natural source like a well, or it can be from an industrial or used water source. An auxiliary water supply system is often interconnected with the main water system. It can also be provided by certain solar systems.

sanitary plumbing

Sanitary plumbing involves the collection of waste water and moving it from a household or building to a municipal sewer. This process is done through pipes and fittings, which are laid by the side of the building. Vertical pipes should be placed outside or in shafts, and horizontal pipes should be placed at grade between inspection chambers. The entire system should be ventilated.

Sanitary plumbing requires professional knowledge and equipment. A skilled plumber can diagnose and fix sanitary sewer system problems, such as a broken or malfunctioning sanitary pipe. Sewage back-up is a common problem, and is a potentially dangerous situation. It’s not uncommon for snowmelt or heavy rainfall to cause sewage to back up into a home or building.

Sanitary plumbing is also necessary for safe water delivery. The safe supply of water can help prevent water-borne diseases and viruses. According to the World Health Organization, 1.4 million children die every year from water-borne diseases.

Drainage system

The drainage system is the collection of dirty water that is discharged from a building. These pipes are connected to a drain, which is usually called a sewer. These drains are equipped with traps, which are designed to capture large-sized materials.

The most common trap is the one installed in a sink, although almost every plumbing fixture has some sort of trap. These traps help in preventing the buildup of debris and hair in the drain, which can clog it.

This system is responsible for the supply of water to the bathrooms and kitchens in a building. It also connects to the distribution system, which delivers water to the kitchen and toilet outlets.

In addition, the drainage system is responsible for removing human waste through a network of pipes. The pipes that are used in the drainage system may be made of PVC, copper, or GI. Most of them are made of CPVC plastic, which is easy to install and maintain.

When a drain is clogged, a plumber will use a special tool called a rooter to unclog it. The rooter also has a camera attached to its tip, which helps the plumber see where the blockage is and make the right decision. If a homeowner is unsure of how to unclog a drain, it is best to contact a reputable service provider and let them do the job properly.

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