How Web Design Affects Search Engine Optimization


The right web design can increase your website's search engine visibility. Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency’s accounting software design for your site is mobile-friendly, social media optimized, and create a positive impression of your brand. However, the design of your website also needs to balance the needs of human users with the needs of search engine crawlers.

Mobile-friendly web design

One of the best ways to get top search engine rankings is to have a mobile-friendly web design. The reason is simple: Google has recently introduced an algorithm update that rewards mobile-friendly websites. In addition, Google labels websites that are mobile-friendly, which increases their visibility in search results.

Having a mobile-friendly website is vital for local businesses, as most potential clients use their mobile devices to conduct research on various topics. A professional web designer can create a website that is mobile-friendly to ensure that it attracts more visitors. It is also vital to include social media buttons on the website, as these are more likely to be shared on a mobile device.

As far as mobile-friendly web design is concerned, it can affect your SEO in Atlanta GA. A responsive design serves the same HTML code and URL to different devices, but renders it differently based on screen size. This method has been around for some time, but there are still some sites that are technically responsive but do not give their users a good experience. A new initiative from Google called the Accelerated Mobile Pages project has changed this.

As a matter of fact, three-quarters of all local searches are made on mobile devices. To test the compatibility of your website with mobile devices, use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test. This free tool will scan your website for mobile-friendliness.

Optimized for social media sharing

When it comes to the impact of social media on search engine optimization, it is important to remember that social media shares are not the only way in which people can share a website. In fact, the quality of your website can also affect the way other people share it. Fortunately, web design experts are available to make your site more shareable.

Increasing the likelihood that your site will be shared on social media channels is an essential part of an effective social media marketing strategy. If your website is not optimized for sharing on social media platforms, your website could be missing out on a lot of traffic. Fortunately, there are a number of web design companies in the Atlanta area that offer social media integration and optimization.

A team at B. McGuire Designs can help you create a website that is optimized for social media sharing. They can provide you with a customized website and help you manage it. They also offer website maintenance packages that are convenient and cost-effective. Their team can also help you create a marketing plan that works best for you. They can also provide you with advice on how to manage your social media accounts and improve your business branding.